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Welcome! My name is Myron Pierce and I have been in the detailing industry for nearly 20 years.  I have successfully owned and operated two detailing businesses; first getting my start with a mobile detailing business in Northern VA and Washington DC for 14 years. After moving to Washington State, I quickly opened my fixed location in Tri Cities, which has now been open for four years.  I am trained and certified in aircraft and marine detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating installation. My goal is to use my knowledge and business experiences to offer coaching to help you develop and grow your business with social media, ad words, the process I have used for quality employees, the process to find them, business operations to make your business run more effeciently,  I also have experience in creating content with tik tok to increase fans not just followers and getting customers with over 100k followers and and being on Tik Tok for over a year I have experience in what works and how it can benefit your business growth.

My passion is to help other detailers develop a thriving profitable detailing business and grow in the industry. Coaching includes detailing techniques in paint correction, detailing processes, tool suggestions and product recommendations for both mobile and fixed. I will also be offering assistance on how to maintain a positive work environment, , pricinging structure, business planning, business integrity,  and most importantly HOW TO SET GOALS.

If you are looking to grow and scale your detailing business,  let’s set up a session and see what I can do to help you grow!

Marketing – 1 hour $295
Grow your business with social media, organic reach, ads, and networking

How to sell a ceramic coating job – 30 minutes $195
Want to get the right price for your jobs and have customers choosing you for a coating?

One Step Paint Correction – 1 hour $295
Learn how to do a 1 step paint correction with products and process.

Hiring quality people onto your team 3 – 45 min $195
The 4 step process I have used to get a quality person not a warm body

Creating Tilk Tok Videos that will get engagment, followers, and create business (fans) – 1 hour $295

Making goals for your business and making them happen and sticking to them – 30  min $149

Business System operations- How to make your business run smoother, become more profitable and scale your business. – 1 hour $295

After selecting what makes sense to you to grow your business and skills. I will contact you and set up a time on 1 on 1 zoom to go over the lesson you select

Big Package- By choosing all of these packages which is 5 hours it would regularly be $1424  if you purchase the whole training it is $1195

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Marketing, How to Sell Ceramic Coating, One Step Paint Correction, Hiring Quality People, Creating TikTok Videos, Making Goals for Your Business, Business System operations, Big Package